I have a feeling

Is it weird to say that I have a feeling that the right opportunity might be coming along for me soon?  This is not based on evidence, because I have none.  Call it a sixth sense. My next big opportunity could be just around the corner.  It would be so cool if that were true.

Having knowledge of what will happen to you next would be such an awesome super power.  It’s a power that is personal that won’t hurt others.  Of course, personal gain and ego would eventually come into play and turn a nice person into an evil person.  But maybe not.

But I digress.  I think I have a little evidence of psychic powers.  But I think we all do.  Like when you think about someone you have not talked to for awhile and suddenly they call you right after you thought of them.  Or when the person you are with says something you were thinking of moments before.  Or when you answer the phone and you know exactly what the person on the other end is calling about. Or you wear a purple shirt to work and when you show up, everyone in the office decided to wear purple too.   I have photographic evidence from an evening out with two friends and they were wearing the exact same outfit.  Neither one knew what the other was wearing.  I point this all out because I believe those are good examples of why my feeling is a valid one.


A project

Trying to keep up with this blog.  Thanks to my faithful followers who wondered where I had gone.  Third time this week is me getting better about my entries.  I am happy to say I have been doing a project this week that could potentially lead to work.  Otherwise, I would have been writing every day.  Okay, maybe not, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Been having all kinds of fun doing the work this week.  Happiness and fulfillment in the midst of a fun project is always the best.  Now it’s all up to seeing where the chips fall.  Oh, a big shout out of appreciation goes out to all the people who have been helping me out with this project.  It’s nothing but good.

I also have to point out the complete 180 the month of March has been compared to February.  February let me down this year.  Usually I like Feb.  I like to call it that cause we’re friends.  Heeeeyyy Feb!  Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate it’s briefness and simplicity.  Plus, I am someone who enjoys playing devils advocate.  When everyone hates something, I like to like it.  Everyone HATES February.  So I love it.  But this February, nothing seemed to go right.  BTW, you dear reader are free to point out that perhaps I had an attitude problem.  And you might be right.  I just wasn’t feeling it.


You know what it really is that takes us so long to get motivated.  Our egos.  It’s at the top of our brains sending us the emotion of anger and making us believe we have been treated badly.  Well, we have our pride and will not be fooled again.  It’s the little voice that tells us that we will get our feelings hurt if we make the effort.  Stay home.  Don’t talk to anybody.  If your walking down the street, make sure you don’t look that stranger in the eye.  You can’t trust them.

What?!  I when I looked over what I just wrote, I realized how ridiculous that sounds.  I need to picture John Cusack in Say Anything as he lifts his arms in exasperation and says “I want to get hurt.”  I’ve been disappointed and rejected before.  The memory of it fades because better things always come along.  Look at me all peppy and positive today.  I just read something that motivated me.  Let’s see if it takes.  Sometimes it does.  Sometimes it doesn’t.

Either way, I need to learn how to roll with it better.  Keep the ego in check.  Don’t let fear obscure the path I am  following.  Now I am going to quote another John..Belushi. “Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!”

One Month


Yes, it has been one month since I have written in this blog.  I’m still here.  My goal was not to write from a snarky, poor me, negative perspective.  I think it is a waste of time and energy to complain.  I am not one of those people wants to exist and feed off the drama in my life.  I just want to go with the flow.  I do have to admit.  It is hard not to wallow and feel sorry for myself.  This year, February was a tough month, both personally and with the job search.

I have also been ignoring my creative impulse to write.  I am not blocked.  I am just not inspired.  Please don’t picture me living in sloth and chaos. I have been eating right and working out.  Physically, I feel good.  Mentally, I feel gross. But it is the first of March and I am getting on with the search of finding the better feeling place.  Lately it has been obscured by clouds and fog, but I am expecting  an improvement in the weather soon.

Just writing this blog today feels better.  Completing this task is like finishing a good workout.  You make the effort.  You experience the endorphins. Your proud of your accomplishment.  What more could a person ask for out of life.

The Next TV Star

Today, I did something a little different to find a job.  I got an e-mail that said “Job Seekers Wanted For New Show on TV”.  The email said that the new TV show would help me get back to work. It claimed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with a renowned headhunter with the possibility of finding the job of my dreams.

They asked me to tell my story.  Here is what I told them.

I was laid off from my job at an entertainment company in October of last year.  Since then I have been searching for work and documenting my experiences in a blog. (Then I gave the address of the blog you are reading now). I began to blog because I wanted to get noticed.  I am trying to use the social media to search for work.  I tweet about my job search.  I Facebook about my job search. I have not secured a position from doing this yet, but I do have a big group of friends cheering me on.  While I have been unemployed, I have worked to maintain a positive perspective about finding a job.  Right now, financially, I am okay.  I do not have a big drama to overcome.  I do not want to create the negative vibes that come from that anyway. However, I am hitting walls trying to find the job with my level of experience. This is where I believe a headhunter would be helpful to me.  I feel like I am off course and need to be steered back into the right position.  Thank you for your attention and I hope I will be hearing from you soon.

Now, I adore TV, but in order to seem interesting you have to have a compelling story to tell.  I am going to assume that the positive perspective I try to maintain is not going to generate ratings. Chances that I could be the next reality TV star are not good.

To Whom It May Concern:

Congratulations, you have just received the 12.2 version of my cover letter that will be attached with my resume.  The resume will include information about how I am capable, qualified and just plain right I am for this position.  It will dazzle you with my many credits and name-drop all the best companies I worked for.  Really, you might have to take moment to sigh because the candidate you are looking for has just landed in your lap.

I realize your company gets hundreds of resumes everyday.  I’d appreciate it if you took a moment to look over my mine.  While I do not have direct experience for the position you are listing, I do know I that I have a long track record of success that clearly proves that I can take any task in hand and make it my bitch.  Bring it on.

Yes, I have a college degree.  Yes, I can work in this country.  As you might be able to discern from the name on my resume, I am female and like the color of this letter, I am white.  Really, more reddish beige, but that option is not listed on the equal opportunity employer form.  Lastly, while I admire and respect all veterans, I never have and never will serve in the military.

In conclusion, I have checked the spelling and grammar on this letter.  It all appears to be correct.  I just said a little prayer, asking God to assign someone with concern to read this. Okay, here goes, I am clicking send.


The Job Search on Twitter is amusing.  Everything has to be said in a little white box within 140 characters.  Searching is easy.  Just enter in the phrase #job and click on the magnifying glass.  Enjoy a sampling of what I have experienced.

@HotNewJob- #JOB Acct. Supervisor – Lexington, KY

@ResumeQueeen – Will review your resume for $69.95

@FakeCompany – New Job listing, Sale Representative – Destin, FL

@JustAskMe – How to get hired in today’s job market!

@JobRightHere – Looking for a job? Seeking food industry professional with 7 years experience – New York, NY

@EWFSJobs – St. Louis Missouri, Dental Hygienist jobs, Look Here

Oh, and just so you know, in case you’re looking, there are tons of openings for Baristas at Starbucks.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am not making fun of any of these jobs.  I know that each one takes time, skill and experience to be good at it.  I don’t have the skills for these jobs.  The skills I do have are not listed on Twitter.

Still the search on Twitter amuses me.  If they don’t have the right job for you they will be happy to give you advise on you can find it.

How to get Hired in Just One Week

Be prepared for the Job Interview.  10 tips on how to impress.

Why you can’t find a job.

Jobs, we don’t need no stinking job.  Rob a bank instead.

Okay, so I made up the last one.  Actually, I made up all of them.  However, what I have listed above is very similar to the real experience.

BTW, is it wrong to say that I resent the tweeters who say they have a job interview tomorrow.  Bitter, party of one.